Does Paint Protection Film (PPF) Damage New Car Paint?

Due to its superior impact resistance, paint protection film (PPF) is the most effective method for keeping your car’s paint in pristine condition. PPF is the only protective solution that can prevent damage from chemical and physical abrasion caused by road debris, bird droppings, and scratches.

In this article, OCDetailing will provide a high-level explanation of PPF technology and address frequently asked questions, such as whether or not the process would harm the paint of your brand-new vehicle. Read this article from OCDetailing to find out more about whether PPF will damage your new car’s paintwork. 

What exactly does it mean to have paint protection film?

Clear Bra prevents damage to your vehicle caused by things like rust, rock chips, road debris, pebble abrasions, and salt from the road. After being applied, it forms a see-through coat that is essentially undetectable. Paint protection film acts as a barrier between the outside of your vehicle and the environment, preventing any debris or pollutants from damaging your car.

KAVACA PPF is a self-healing protection film that OCDetailing offers. This film is designed to shed contaminants that typically cause regular yellow films to get discolored. The translucent film is constructed out of specialized elastomeric polymers. Because it can repair itself, swirl marks and other minor scrapes may be removed without effort.


Does paint protection film cause damage to newly painted cars?

Clear Bra that you apply to your vehicle will not cause any damage to the paint. However, there is a catch. Paint protection film has to be applied by an experienced specialist who is fully trained and knows how to make use of and remove PPF without harming the car’s paint. This guarantees that you will get the long-term protection that you are looking for.


The Numerous Advantages of Installing PPF on a New Vehicle

If you want to keep the paint job on your new car and the other components in excellent condition for as long as possible, investing in paint protection film will provide you with several benefits.

  • Provides a superior finish – While certain PPFs may increase your car’s shine, KAVACA is available with either a gloss or a matte finish. You may quickly create a magnificent and customized external appearance and appeal by using KAVACA PPF. 
  • Absence of glue marks and a reduction in orange peel – Some paint protection films, after installation, often leave adhesive stains. These stains may be difficult to remove. The innovative KAVACA adhesive does not leave behind the orange peel appearance or other blemishes.
  • KAVACA self-healing protective films provide remarkable chemical and corrosion resistance because they are constructed of numerous layers of material, each of which works as a barrier to harmful poisons or chemicals. KAVACA films are available in a variety of thicknesses and widths.
  • Most top automobile paint protection solutions have self-healing characteristics, so even minor scratches will disappear immediately. A detailer may use direct heat from a heat gun to quickly remove minor defects. Using nanotechnology, even the smallest scratches may be repaired in seconds.
  • High-temperature resistance – The same nanotechnology that provides resistance to high temperatures also assists in producing a heat shield, which prevents ultraviolet and infrared radiation from reaching the surface materials of the vehicle.

Paint protection film at OCDetailing 

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