The Ultimate Ceramic Coating In Lumberton, NC

With our top-tier ceramic coating, your automobile will shine like never before. Ceramic Coating at OCDetailing provides long-lasting protection from the weather and a mirror-like shine, so your car will look great and need little care for weeks or even months.


System X Coatings is your ticket to a world of unparalleled brilliance and protection. We’re not simply a name in the industry; we provide cutting-edge technology and high-quality surface solutions for the automotive, marine, and aviation sectors. Learn about the next generation of surface coatings that completely transform the standards of both durability and beauty.
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Aside from preserving your car’s resale value for years to come, the ceramic coating offers several other benefits:

Providing A Layer Of Protection

Protecting surfaces with ceramic coating against chemical agents like stains and etching is possible. The car’s paintwork is covered by this coating, increasing its life and making it more resistant to environmental elements and chemicals.


When applied to a car’s exterior, a ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic barrier that efficiently repels water and prevents dirt from adhering to the surface, making washing much more accessible. This coating makes it easier and faster to clean your car, resulting in a better overall experience.


Adding a ceramic coating will significantly improve the shine and the depth of color. This protective coating enhances an automobile’s visual appeal, making the surface sleek and polished. Keeping that “new car” shine for longer is possible.


Don’t let your automobile get wet for at least 24 hours after applying the coating.

Do not use detergents to clean your ceramic coating, keep chemicals from adhering to it, and avoid touching it with your bare hands during the first week after application.

If you have a ceramic coating applied, follow the care instructions provided. Taking good care of your ceramic coating can help prevent damage and extend its life.


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Gold Package

Our Gold package provides a super-slick and glossy paint protection with previously unachievable levels of durability, hardness, and chemical resistance. This coating redefines professional-grade ceramic coatings featuring 30% glossier finish, significantly improved gloss retention, and exceptional slickness all while protecting paintwork in the most extreme environments.

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Silver Package

Our Silver package offers industry-leading levels of gloss and slickness with rock-solid durability. This self-cleaning coating is slick to the touch and imparts a deep, wet gloss to the paintwork. Black will appear deeper; red will pop with bright reflections; white and silver will appear as if dipped in glass.

OCD Service Pages - OCDetailing Lumberton NC's Ceramic Coating P
OCD Service Pages - OCDetailing Lumberton NC's Ceramic Coating P
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Bronze Package

Our Bronze package is an incrediably hydrophobic ceramic coating. This effect will cause water to bead up and roll off the surface along with any dirt and grime, thus making maintenance cleaning easier and faster. Gloss depth is enhanced on all painted surfaces for that wet look that is often hard to attain with synthetic waxes.


Ceramic coatings have various longevities depending on the quality of the coating and maintenance. At OCDetailing our ceramic coating warranty range starts at 2 years and goes upwards to a lifetime warranty option. As with most things in life, regular upkeep can extend durability.

While DIY kits exist, the professional application ensures optimal results. DIY consumer coatings tend to be “watered down” with a lower concentration of the main ingredients, thus making the installation easier. Professional-only coatings require certification and training to properly apply. Professional coatings contain a higher ingredient concentration, thus providing better performance and a better experience.
Ceramic coatings are versatile and can be applied to various surfaces, including paint, glass, wheels, and trim. There are also dedicated coatings for interior surfaces such as leather, plastics, and textiles. However, specific formulations may cater to different materials for optimal performance.

OCDetailing is your best option for detailing and protecting your car with ceramic coating, window tint, and paint protection film. To make an appointment, please visit us at 2725 East 5th St, Lumberton, NC 28358, or contact us at (910) 816-0352.