Step into the world of automotive artistry with OCDetailing’s visual gallery. Here, you will immerse yourself in the stunning transformations of various vehicles, where the exceptional standard of care and precision becomes evident with every detail.


It`s like glass πŸ₯‚

If you`re seeking professional detailing, paint correction, window tint, ceramic coating, or PPF installations, look no further than OCDetailing!

Visit our studio to learn more on how we can help you enhance, protect, preserve, and maintain your investment. βœ…

πŸš— Lumberton, NC: Drive in Confidence with OCDetailing NC`s Auto Detailing!

Explore its benefits:

🚿 Enhance appearance inside-out, turning heads wherever you go.

🚿 Improve your driving experience and create a refreshed, hygienic, germ-free cabin.

🚿 Reflect on your responsibility of ownership and pride.

At OCDetailing NC, we offer detailing services for motorcycles, too! Whether it`s your car or bike, it needs dedicated attention. Skip the DIY hassle and leave your vehicles in good hands!

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❓ Found Hazy on Your Window Tint? Don`t Sweat It! OCDetailing NC, Lumberton, NC, Got Your Answer!

Did you find hazy on your Window Tint? This is normal after a fresh installation and is caused by minimal moisture trapped between the tint and the glass. Don`t worry; this moisture will evaporate naturally within a few days, revealing the crystal-clear Window Tint you expect. ❄️

At OCDetailing NC, we use only premium Window Tint for superior UV protection and crystal-clear vision. We also work on residential windows!

πŸ“© Contact us today to get the expert Window Tint application!
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Detail 🧼
Paint Correction 🎨
Infrared ceramic window tint 🌴
5-year ceramic coating: paint, glass, plastics, wheels πŸ’Ž
Interior ceramic coated: leather, textiles, plastics πŸ›‘οΈ

πŸ₯‡ Robeson County`s #1 Top Rated Detailing Auto Spa
πŸ† Robeson County`s #1 Ceramic Coating Installer
πŸ‘‘ Robeson County`s #1 High-End Paint Protection Film Specialist
πŸ… Installers of the highest quality Window Tint in Lumberton
🀝 Verified Manufacturer Backed Warranty
πŸ”’ CARFAX Verified Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Window Film & PPF Installs
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 100+ 5 Star Google Reviews
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πŸ“ž 910-816-0352
πŸ“2725 E. 5th Street Lumberton, NC 28358

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Dalina Gause
Dalina Gause
Excellent service! They are very professional and friendly. They do an awesome job on our vehicle!
Bardin Worley
Bardin Worley
Really Nice Guys. My truck looks like it came off the showroom floor. Would recommend to anyone looking for Cermic coating.
Kevin Dove
Kevin Dove
The quality of work and customer service is Top Notch.
Mark Locklear
Mark Locklear
OCDDetailing did a fabulous job on my wife’s Toyota Sequoia Capstone. I highly recommend them.
Melody Yarborough
Melody Yarborough
Chris and his team are the best around. They are very professional. Chris came out and took a look at my car and let me know if he would be able to get my headlights back to looking good and plus they were able to give my car a mini detail. Top notch business.
Justin Hill
Justin Hill
Always does a stellar job and great customer service!
Sabeth Hunt
Sabeth Hunt
Great experience, 10/10 would recommend. I’ll definitely be back in the future