Is Paint Protection Film Covered By Insurance?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) has become an increasingly popular method of protection amongst vehicle owners, thanks to its highly durable, self-healing properties which protect your car from potential damage that it encounters during daily driving. Installing PPF to your vehicle requires a significant investment, so before making the decision, it’s important that you are properly informed on the topic.

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So, is PPF really worth the investment? And is paint protection covered by insurance policies? In this blog article from the team at OC Detailing in Lumberton, NC, we will explore more about the benefits of paint protection film and find out whether it will be covered by your insurance policy in the event of an accident. So let’s get started!

What Are The Benefits Of Paint Protection film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent and hard wearing film which is used to cover a car’s paintwork in order to shield it from weather damage, stone chips, and other potential threats. Some of the benefits of PPF for automobiles include:

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Prevents Damage

PPF offers a layer of protection to a car’s paintwork and guards against damage caused by numerous external sources including UV rays, bird droppings, insect splatters and debris on the roads.


PPF is strong and can be used for many years before needing to be replaced. Regular maintenance and appropriate care is essential in order to get the maximum lifespan from PPF.

Maintains appearance: 

Because PPF is clear and has no discernible effect on how a car’s paintwork appears, its natural gloss is preserved. Paint protection film provides an invisible layer of defense for your vehicle. 

Resale value: 

A car which is in good condition, with protected paintwork, will be more attractive to prospective buyers. You will be able to demand a higher price for your vehicle when the time comes to sell in the future. 

Is Paint Protection Film Covered By Insurance In The Event Of An Accident?

This really depends on the specifics of the individual insurance policy. The complete coverage for the car may or may not include coverage for paint protection film, depending on the insurance policy. It’s crucial to confirm with your insurance company whether paint protection film is protected by your coverage.

Some insurance policies may cover the cost of repairs or replacement if the film needs to be replaced, while others might not. Checking with your insurance company to determine if paint protection film installation is covered and, if so, what the terms of that coverage are, is a smart idea if you’re thinking about investing in paint protection film for your vehicle.


Is Paint Protection Film Worth The Investment?

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While the initial price of paint protection film may be more than that of other paint protection methods, it may end up being a more affordable option in the long term. This is due to the film’s high level of durability and longevity, which requires less upkeep and decreases the need for expensive repairs and touch-ups.

Where can you find the best PPF services in your local area?

Paint protection film is a highly effective method of protecting your vehicle’s original paint from potential contaminants and damage. Thanks to the 3 layers of paint protection film, it is durable, long lasting and can also self heal minor scratches and dings.

OC Detailing in Lumberton, NC, provides first-class paint protection film services to help provide long term protection for your car. Our expert team of detailing professionals have installed hundreds of high quality paint protection films for our valued customers and we look forward to installing hundreds more! Feel free to contact us at +1 910-816-0352 if you have any questions about paint protection film, or to schedule your appointment. We are located at 2725 East 5th St, Lumberton, NC 28358. Book your appointment today!