How To Obtain A Medical Exemption For Window Tint?

Window tint medical exemptions are a topic that you might not know much about, but people who are sensitive to sunlight might often require safer driving conditions. Sun protection is usually a good idea when driving, darker window tints can protect your skin from UV radiation. So, how can you get a window tint medical exemption? Continue reading to discover the answer with OCDetailing in Lumberton, NC. 

Definition Of Window Tint 

Window tinting is the technique of darkening a vehicle’s glass by putting a thin laminate film on it. Car window tinting is done for a variety of reasons. These may include privacy or security, UV ray protection, minimizing heat (inside) and so incrementally improving fuel economy. Of course, there are also merely cosmetic advantages for using automobile window tint. Some individuals believe car window tinting is fashionable, like celebrity-style sunglasses for your automobile.

Steps To Qualify For A Window Tint Medical Exemption

When you obtain a medical exemption for your window tint, you will be able to install a window tint that is darker than the state’s legal restrictions. Every state has distinct rules and regulations on what constitutes “medical eligibility,” therefore it is critical that you understand the process of filing a medical exemption and what is permitted.

If you have been diagnosed with a medical disorder (or anything similar), you should seek medical authorization for your window tinting.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Consult Your Doctor 

A doctor’s note is required for medical authorisation. As a result, the first thing you should do is make an appointment with your doctor.

They will then be able to go over your symptoms with you and determine whether medical window tinting may benefit you. Following that, your doctor will draft a medical statement outlining your medical requirements.

This statement can then be used to apply for medicinal window tinting authorisation.

Complete An Application  

The procedure for obtaining medical authorization will differ based on where you live. Most states, however, require you to fill out an application. You may be required to pay a cost throughout the application process, but it should be little and affordable.

Start at the OCDetailing

If you’re not sure where to begin, it’s a good idea to go to the OCDetailing. We’ll know what documents you need to fill out, where to mail them, and what additional information you require (if any). We are here to help!

What Percentage of Tints Are Allowed By Your Doctors?

Window films for your car can reduce UV radiation, heat, and glare from the sun when it enters your windows and affects your medical issues. The proportion of film determines how much light passes through the tint. The darker the film will appear, the smaller the percentage. Many states have varied laws concerning the windshield, windows, and back window.

Window tinting for medical issues are typically between 20 and 32 percent if your doctor agrees. Window tinting less than 20% is not regarded as legitimate and, regardless of your affidavit, will fail inspections. If you need tinting that is less than 20%, you will be submitted to the Medical Review Unit. To avoid being charged for illegal tinting, keep your validation form with you at all times when driving.

More Detailed Information About Window Tint Medical Exemption At OCDetailing

If you live in a state where medical exemptions for window tint are permitted, you must always present proof of your need for the exemption, which must be signed by a competent physician. If you are in a car with a tint that is only authorized under the exemption, you must nearly always keep your medical exemption certificate with you at all times. It is illegal for a doctor or physician to submit fake documentation on your behalf, therefore before requesting a doctor’s note, make sure that your medical condition is authentic. 

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