How To Clean Your Car After Getting A Ceramic Coating?

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Although it may appear to be a simple question, the answer is not that easy, and there are certain nuances you should be aware of when cleaning a ceramic coated car in the short and long term. The methods you choose to wash your car after it has been coated can have a direct impact on how the coating performs and how long it retains its appearance and protective features.

So, how should we wash a car properly after applying a layer of ceramic coating? OCDetailing NC will help you dig deeper into this topic in our latest blog article. Let’s get started!

The First Wash After Ceramic Coating

Many individuals are not aware that the first wash is the most crucial to get right. The golden rule after getting a ceramic coating is to avoid washing your car within 7 days after treatment!

Do you know how to wash your automobile after it has been ceramic coated, and what washing procedures to use to avoid scratches? 

Use the following ceramic coating maintenance suggestions and recommendations for best results:

  • Avoid washing your automobile at a self-service car wash. It will just damage the finish of your car and cause micro scratches to appear. This is due to the use of extremely abrasive bristles in automatic car washes, which can retain scratch-prone impurities from previous washes.
  • Hand wash the car, but avoid doing so in direct sunlight.
  • Clean your car on a regular basis. Although ceramic coating will keep your automobile from getting dirty as quickly, you will still need to maintain it to keep contaminants at bay.
  • Make certain that impurities such as bird droppings, tree sap, or bug splatters are removed from the car paint as soon as possible.
  • Use professional car wash products, and select a sensitive car wash soap that is ph neutral. You don’t need a hefty car shampoo on top of your coating because it already does half the work. Aggressive chemicals will only harm the ceramic coating and the paint of the car.
  • If you’re wondering how to wash your automobile after applying ceramic coating, we recommend using two buckets. The two bucket method suggests using one bucket for the shampoo wash solution and another for washing your wash mitt with plain water.
  • Using a microfiber towel, thoroughly dry the vehicle. These towels absorb tiny debris, bacteria, and germs while also providing excellent drying properties.

How to Do a Maintenance Wash on a Ceramic Coated Vehicle 

Let’s look at some simple cleaning tips that can boost your ceramic protection.

1) Keep An Eye For Dirt and Clean Frequently 

Just because your car has a ceramic coating doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it. You should wash a coating on a regular basis to keep it working at its best.

2) Use Safe Washing Methods 

If you have installed a ceramic coating on your vehicle, you have most likely also undertaken some form of paint correction. Many of our readers are already aware that when you wash or dry your vehicle, you risk inflicting swirls and scratches on the paint.

It is always vital to avoid this, but it is more important if you have previously invested in paint correction and coating.

When washing your car, there are various things you can do to limit the danger of damage to the paint.

  • Before coming into touch with the paint, use a Pre-Wash or Snow Foam.
  • Use the Two Bucket Wash Method.
  • Make use of a high-quality Microfiber Wash Mitt.
  • Grit Guards should be used whenever possible.
  • When drying your vehicle, use a detailing cloth or a blower.
  • Avoid self-service car washes.

3) Make Use Of Coating Shampoos

You should use a PH Neutral shampoo and avoid using any harsh cleaning products ( these will shorten the life of your coating drastically).

If you’ve observed that your ceramic coating isn’t beading or sheeting like it did when you initially had it done on your car, you should try one of these shampoos and see what happens.

Final Thoughts On Ceramic Coated Car Maintenance

If you are a car enthusiast, regular maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicle looking good. We hope that our guide on how to wash your automobile after getting a ceramic coating cleared up any uncertainty you had regarding the subject and convinced you that a high-quality ceramic coating is worth the investment.

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