How Do You Remove Window Tinting?

Is it time that you removed the old window tint from your vehicle? It can have a frothy texture, be scraped or discolored, or have aged. Why pay someone else to remove the tint from your vehicle when you can do it for free? Although there are various approaches to eliminating window tint, we discovered that heating the window tinting was the most effective and convenient option. The use of heat is simple and user-friendly. Heat will also help remove the bulk of the window tint glue adhesive during the procedure. In this article, OCDetailing, Kapolei, HI provides various removal alternatives for window tint.

Window tinting OCDetailing NC LLC Lumberton NCReasons why you should remove window tint

There are a few different reasons you would wish to remove the window tint from your car, the most prevalent being that it is old and worn out. The following is a list of some of the most common reasons for removing the window tint from your vehicle:

Damages or bubbling

When window film has to be removed, the most common cause is that it has bubbles or has been damaged somehow. As the film is subjected to UV radiation, heat, and other environmental factors, its adhesion will weaken over time. Your window film will suffer from bubbles and further damage due to this.


There are many different reasons why you may no longer want window tint. Perhaps you dislike the appearance of the inside of your vehicle because it is too dark while you are driving at night. 


After a few years, the film can become discolored and unsightly, mainly if you purchased a cheaper window tint of poorer quality. As the film ages, it will most likely develop a hue that is purple. This color change will be most evident when the film is exposed to sunlight.


Different methods for removing window tint

Identifying the window tint’s edge

Use the razor blade to pick at the edge of the tint until you can release a part of the tint that is big enough to grip with your fingers. Window tinting should be beginning from the corners is a great plan. When using the razor blade, take care not to scratch the glass. Use the razor at a shallow angle while holding it close to the window as you scrape.

Heating the tint you want to eliminate

Using a heat gun for this procedure, a decent hairdryer with the heat setting turned up to its maximum level will also do the job. Keep your heat source approximately two inches from the glass when applying heat, and move your hand in circular motions. You should only apply heat to the film before you remove it from the window, and you shouldn’t let it sit in one place for too long as it can melt the film.

Why should you choose OCDetailing for window tinting?

Professional detailers like OCDetailing NC LLC may remove your car’s window tinting for you, or you can do it yourself at home. No matter your budget, OCDetailing is happy to provide high-quality services at an affordable price. We can remove your old window tint and install a new, high-quality one. We provide the most cutting-edge window films available, including KAVACA Ceramic IR and KAVACA Carbon CS, both of which are made by KAVACA. You can count on OCDetailing’s vehicle window tinting service to get the job done well and at a reasonable cost, whether you’re looking to block out the sun, boost security, or even remove your window tint! If you need urgent assistance, you may reach us at +1 (910) 569-9263 or stop by our showroom at 801 W 5th St in Lumberton, NC 28358, United States.