Is It Worth Getting Paint Protection Film?

The short answer is yes. Impact-absorbing paint protection film (PPF) shields your paint from roadside contaminants like rock chips. Most films offer self healing abilities, so it can fix swirls and scratches to restore your paint’s glossy, dazzling appearance with just some time in the sun or direct heat applied to the effected areas. Paint protection film (PPF) technology has improved dramatically during the past several years. In this article, OC Detailing will tell you about some significant advantages of paint protection film for your car.

Applying PPF Paint Protection Film OC Detailing Lumberton NCWhy should you use paint protection film for your car?

Simple to clean

Cleaning your car is made simpler by paint protection film. Thanks to the superior paint protection film substance, nothing can adhere to the highly slippery body of your vehicle. The benefit of having a car with a paint protection film layer is that even if it gets dirty and muddy, cleaning it at a basic car wash doesn’t take long. With a brief hose down, all dirt will be removed. This is an excellent option for individuals living in areas where their cars are constantly being driven on dirt roads.

A fantastic layer of protection

Even though debris may be a problem when driving in rugged terrain, the sun is always a problem. The sun’s UV radiation will deteriorate most paints, even in the depths of winter when it is cold. Because the sun and various sorts of water damage won’t directly contact your paint, paint protection film will help your paint resist these factors. Your paint protection film will deteriorate and become less effective due to the hostile environment, but not your paint. Therefore, even though you might need to change your paint protection film after a few years, the painted surface underneath will still be gorgeous.

It protects the paint job from environmental damage.

Think about how frequently you drive your car up and down the road. You can see where gravel and other road debris have shot up and struck the paint. You notice new scuffs in the paint but have no idea how they got there. Most of it is repelled by paint protective film.  

Paint Protection Film: How long does it last?

You can often tell when you purchase high-quality films because they have a warranty. The following three elements, in addition to the film’s quality, are crucial for determining how long paint protection lasts.

Preparation work

The film won’t stick well and will quickly peel off if the car’s surface is wet, dirty, damaged, or rough. The longest and most crucial step in applying paint protection film is the preparation process because if it is done incorrectly, nothing else matters.


It’s time to apply the film once all the preliminary work has been completed. Professionals avoid any bubbles, creases, or folds that could lead to a poor result, making it a complex process.

Elements of the environment

Although UV rays, road grit, salt, and acidic bird droppings are all extremely resistant to paint protection film, they will eventually wear out. The degree of damage that your film sustains will affect how long it will last.

Paint Protection Film at OC Detailing in Lumberton, NC

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