How Can I Make My Car Interior Look New?

You need to understand the advantages of interior detailing if you want to preserve the appearance of the inside of your vehicle. The following cleaning and protection measures should be used when it comes to maintaining your car’s interior in the best possible condition. In this article, OCDetailing will outline a standard approach for maintaining the inside of your vehicle by interior detailing, which will give it the look of being “like new,”. So, let’s find out more with OCDetailing!


How to make your car’s interior look new? 

Remove all of the garbage

Since the vacuum cleaner won’t be able to take up the more substantial waste, place it into a plastic shopping bag first. You should get rid of everything you can think of, even the unopened piece of junk mail you stashed beneath the front seats and the empty bag of fries from the back seat! To ensure you don’t miss anything, slide the seats forward, pull the floor mats out, and examine the space underneath the seats.

It is essential to clean the vents and buttons.

Use a clean paintbrush or a low cost foam brush purchased from a craft shop to clean the areas between the AC vents. If the vacuum hose is pressed against the vent, rather than allowing it to fall to another section of the inside of the vehicle, dust and other particles will be sucked in. Using the brush, meticulously clean each button that runs down the face of the dashboard. Utilize a damp towel to wipe down the steering wheel, the column, and any other flat surfaces in the vehicle. Remember to clean the cup holders as well when you’re done!

Wipe down the dashboard to clean it.

Do this using a washcloth or a microfiber towel. People occasionally use wet wipes. Although they were not specifically created for use in the interiors of vehicles, their usage is beneficial. Get rid of any miscellaneous items that may have rolled up against the windshield or been left in an unattended position on the dashboard.

Make sure the seats are clean.

It is recommended that you clean any vinyl or leather trim on your seats. Be careful not to rip or otherwise damage the cloth. You may need an old toothbrush to scrub the vinyl. The bristles will remove any debris that has been able to embed itself into the texture of the vinyl surface.

Make sure that the air filter has been thoroughly cleaned.

If you are unsure whether to replace your air filter, your owner’s manual should include all the necessary information. Depending on its state, either take it out, clean it, or get rid of it and get a new one. Aroma air filter sheets may be bought and used to give out a pleasant fragrance simply by being put against the filter. 

Cleaning the upholstery

Clean away the crumbs and debris on your car’s upholstery. If you take your dog with you in the car, when you vacuum, you will see that the vacuum will pick up most of the pet hair. Rubber gloves, a squeegee, a clean pair of flip flops, or any other rubber product may be used to effortlessly control the hair and keep it off the seats. While wearing a rubber glove, move your hand along the seat, the back, and the borders of the cloth. The hair will immediately come off and adhere to the rubber. Utilize a clean white washcloth, an old toothbrush, and fabric cleaning spray to eliminate any stains or embedded filth.

Clean the floor mats.

Utilize a fabric cleanser or stain remover for deeply ingrained filth. The damaged regions should be washed carefully. To dry them, stretch them out on a level surface in the sun. The use of a dryer is not recommended. After the floor mats have finished drying, you must put them back in the correct spot on the vehicle floor.

Car interior detailing at OCDetailing 

A lot of work is involved in making the inside of your automobile appear as it did when you bought it. Professional interior detailing is recommended to keep your car’s interior looking in a fresh, new, attractive condition. Though it’s feasible to do this independently, we advise hiring expert detailers. Our detailers’ expertise is a critical factor for various reasons.

Since we clean your automobile from the floor up, it will look as good as the day you bought it. Can’t wait any longer? Set up an appointment with OCDetailing by dialing +1 (910) 816-0352, or come to the address of our company, 801 W 5th St Lumberton, NC 28358, United States. We look forward to serving you!