Dyed Window Tint vs Ceramic Window Tint: Which Is Best?

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Window tinting is a popular choice among car owners thanks to the wide range of benefits it brings to your vehicle. Window tint improves the way the automobile looks and offers lots of useful advantages including reduced glare, interior protection, and more privacy. However, selecting the best type of window tint can be difficult given the wide range of options on the market. Ceramic, carbon, and dyed window tints are just some of the options available these days, and with such a wide range of different brands, it’s important to be properly informed about what you’re buying before making the investment. In this article, from the expert detailing professionals at OCDetailing in Lumberton, NC we will look more closely at dyed window tint and ceramic window tint and let you know some of the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about which is best for your vehicle.

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What Is Dyed Window Tint?

Dyed window tint is the most common type of window tinting. It is created by applying a layer of dye between the adhesive layer and the outer layer of the window film. The dye is usually a dark color, which reduces the amount of light passing through the windows. The darker the dye, the more light is blocked. Dyed window tint is the most affordable type of window tinting. It is an excellent option for those who want to tint their car’s windows on a tight budget. However, unfortunately, the benefits of dyed window tint are limited to cost, and like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Dyed window tint is not as effective at reducing heat and glare as other types of window tinting. It may block some of the sun’s heat, but it is not as effective as other types of window tinting, such as ceramic and carbon options. While many big brands, such as Maxpro, produce dyed window tints, the reality is that they offer inferior protection, they will fade quickly after exposure to UV rays, and in general, they are overpriced.

What Is Ceramic Window Tint?

A more modern technology in the world of window tinting that has grown in popularity recently is ceramic window tint. It is made by layering ceramic particles between the adhesive layer and the outer layer of the window film. For car owners who want to use electronic devices while driving, ceramic is a great option because the ceramic particles are non-metallic and do not interfere with electronic devices. The amount of heat that enters the car is greatly reduced by ceramic window tint, keeping your car much cooler than dyed window tint options. In addition, ceramic window tints can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. This helps protect the car’s interior from fading and damage from the sun’s rays. It’s also true to say that ceramic window tint is more durable than dyed window tint. It is resistant to fading and discoloration, making it a great option for car owners who want a long-lasting window tint.

Dyed Window Tint vs Ceramic Window Tint

While dyed window tint might be a cheaper option, that’s about the only advantage! Ceramic window tint provides superior levels of protection against UV rays, keeps your vehicle significantly cooler, and it will last for longer, not to mention ceramic window tint will make your car look amazing! While the initial investment for ceramic window tint may be higher, you will save money in the long run as you won’t need to reapply for the window tint for years!

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Ceramic Pro Window Tint at OCDetailing in Lumberton, NC.

Here at OCDetailing, we only work with the highest quality window tint products available. We refuse to serve our customers’ low-grade, dyed window tint films like the range from MaxPro (AVOID THESE!). Instead, we work with the market leaders in ceramic window tint, Ceramic Pro.  Ceramic Pro, KAVACA Window Film is designed with infrared-blocking materials and nano ceramic particles to prevent up to 96% of heat-producing IR rays from entering your car. Additional proprietary technology guarantees superior clarity, and zero signal interference, and is available in multiple VLTs, each of which is covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. What’s more, OCDetailing is the only licensed and insured detailing/coating business in the county. Customers can feel safe knowing we have them covered! We see so many detailing businesses providing low-quality services and low-quality dyed window tints, that we want to make sure our region has the best option available to them!

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Top Quality Window Tint Services in Lumberton, NC.

OCDetailing is an official service center for the Ceramic Pro range of window tints. We provide both KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film and KAVACA Carbon Color Stable Window Film, two of the highest-quality tints available on the market right now. Don’t settle for low-grade dyed window tints like Maxpro and other junk brands! Come on down to see the crew at OCDetailing if you want the best possible quality window tinting for your prized automobile. We are located at 2725 E. 5th Street, Lumberton, NC 28358. To book your window tinting appointment, give us a call at 910-816-0352 or bring your vehicle down to our location for advice on the best window tinting package for your vehicle’s needs.