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The best method for protecting automobile paint is ceramic coating. OCDetailing provides you with these useful details about ceramic coating instantly. 
how long does ceramic coating last

01 May: How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

Due to their capacity to shield and improve the appearance of a variety of surfaces, including cars, boats, and even home appliances, ceramic coatings have grown in popularity. However, before investing in a ceramic coating for your vehicle, you might be wondering about its lifespan. So, how long does ceramic coating last? The quality of the coating, how it is applied, and how much maintenance is given to the coating all play a role in the answer to this question. In this article, from the expert detailing professionals at OCDetailing in Lumberton, NC, we will look more closely at some of the factors which can affect the lifespan of a ceramic coating and provide maintenance tips to help you get…

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05 Mar: Ceramic Coating vs Tradition Wax: Which Is Better For Your Vehicle?

When it comes to protecting the paint on your vehicle, there are a wide variety of different products available on the market these days. Two of the most popular options among car owners are ceramic coatings and wax. While both are designed to protect the paint on your car and enhance its appearance, there are some key differences between the two.  In this article, from the expert detailing professionals at OCDetailing NC, we will explore more about some of the main differences between ceramic coating and wax, so you can make an informed decision about which method is most appropriate for your vehicle’s needs. Read More: Ceramic Coating Packages at OCDetailing NC Ceramic Coating For Vehicles Ceramic coatings are a relatively…

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20 Jan: How To Clean Your Car After Getting A Ceramic Coating?

Although it may appear to be a simple question, the answer is not that easy, and there are certain nuances you should be aware of when cleaning a ceramic coated car in the short and long term. The methods you choose to wash your car after it has been coated can have a direct impact on how the coating performs and how long it retains its appearance and protective features. So, how should we wash a car properly after applying a layer of ceramic coating? OCDetailing NC will help you dig deeper into this topic in our latest blog article. Let’s get started! The First Wash After Ceramic Coating Many individuals are not aware that the first wash is the…


15 Nov: Is It Good To Ceramic Coat Your Car?

The paint on your automobile may seem older than it actually is because of the daily assault it takes from road grime, dust, and the sun’s rays. Car owners who are concerned about UV rays’ effects on their paint might consider applying a ceramic coating. Ceramic coating protect painted surfaces from the infiltration of dirt, water stains and UV rays. The shine of a car’s paint is also preserved with a ceramic coating. Please read this article from OCDetailing to learn more about the benefits of ceramic coatings for your car. What do you know about the term ceramic coating?  Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution which is sprayed onto an automobile’s exterior surfaces to protect the paint. Ceramic…

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02 Aug: Should You Use Ceramic Coating On Your Vehicle?

Your car’s paint might suffer wear and tear from environmental factors such as pollution, dust, and rain, which can lead to the paint being damaged. Ceramic coating for vehicles is one of the best options to keep your car looking beautiful, prevent fading, protect against UV rays, and limit the ability of dust to attach to the paint. In this post, OCDetailing will offer you in-depth information that will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the meanings of ceramic coating as well as its advantages and other elements. Understanding ceramic coatings It’s a liquid polymer applied to your car. After doing so, it creates a chemical bond with the factory paint on your automobile, which provides an additional…