Original Red Microfiber 16×16 (3-Pack)

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The Original Red Microfiber Towel is the perfect all-purpose towel for any detailing job. The premium towel is crafted from 70/30 microfiber for superior results. Microfiber is the best choice for detailing any vehicle. The Original Red Microfiber Towel is 16”x16” to detail any vehicle. The race red color compliments any color ride. Perfect for storing in your trunk for quick detailing jobs on-the-go. Use the soft microfiber for washing, drying, quick detailing, and cleaning any vehicle. The red microfiber towels are designed for all detailing tasks. The premium microfiber blend stays soft through dozens of wash cycles. The Original Red Microfiber Towel delivers scratch-free results with no swirls. The perfect microfiber towel for all cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. The Original Red Microfiber Towel is specifically designed for all surfaces including paintwork, carbon fiber, fiberglass, chrome, stainless steel, powder coat, plastic, fairings, exhausts, wheels, and much more.. Perfect for cleaning leather seats, grips, jackets, riding pants, race suits, backpacks, saddle bags, gear, and much more. The plush microfiber safely lifts away dirt and stains while restoring the surface. Perfect for any motorcycle, car, truck, off-road, and custom vehicle. Give your ride a fly shine using The Original Red Microfiber Towel and Masterson’s Quick Detailer Spray. The bright red color shows dirt when washing to let the detailer know when the towel is dirty. Great for drying your ride after washing with Masterson’s Wash & Shine. Microfiber works great for polishing and cleaning to achieve a brilliant shine. The ultra-absorbent material quickly pulls water away from any surface for fast drying. Choose The Original Red Microfiber Towel for superior results on any detailing job.

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