Window Tint Lumberton 

At OCDetailing NC, we are the only installers of Ceramic Pro window tint in Lumberton. Ceramic Pro Kavaca Ceramic IR window tint is the most advanced film ever created. Block up to 97% of infrared heat with its innovative nano ceramic technology. It keeps you and your customers safe from cancer causing UV rays and improves your overall driving experience by keeping you comfortable from the North Carolina summers. This state of the art film delivers excellent heat rejection, glare control, and UV protection all while being metal free. It will not interfere with any of your electronic devices.

Kavaca Ceramic IR lets you customize your car because they offer 6 shades without sacrificing clarity or loss in heat rejection. With this film you will get a non-reflective, color stable finish finish that will not fade over time. Contact us to get the best looking and highest performing film on the market today!


  • IR Heat Rejection
  • Increased Safety
  • Enhanced Look & Style
  • UVA/UVB Protection
  • Zero Signal Interference
  • Lifetime Warranty
window tint fayetteville
window tint fayetteville
The best way to protect your investment!