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Masterson’s Tire & Trim Shine delivers a high gloss shine to all plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces. The premium Tire & Trim Shine restores and protects for perfect results. Masterson’s Tire & Trim Shine is perfect for giving your tires a high gloss finish. The dry-to-the-touch protectant instantly bonds to the surface for superior shine. Perfect for bumpers, trim, dashboards, door panels, mirrors, and much more. Advanced UV blockers prevent cracking, fading, and discoloration in all seasons. Masterson’s Tire & Trim Shine is the choice of detailing professionals and enthusiasts around the world. The water-based formula is safe on all surfaces. Easily apply to any tire and trim surface to restore a deep wet shine. Masterson’s Tire & Trim Shine features weatherproof technology to repel water, dirt, and dust. Restore faded and chalky bumpers back to original condition. Synthetic polymer coating enhances shine and gloss. Masterson’s Tire & Trim Shine creates instant protection. The thick dressing bonds to the surface for easy application. Great for restoring vinyl trim pieces and truck beds. Masterson’s Tire & Trim Shine delivers a high gloss shine and durable protection.

Directions: Shake Well – Clean surface before application – Apply Tire & Trim Shine to plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces using a premium applicator pad – Remove excess using a microfiber towel – If desired, apply a second coat for extra shine.

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