Express maintenance wash package

Car Detailing Lumberton

Our mini detail package is a great baseline package for those looking for car detailing Lumberton. This is our baseline detailing package and is recommended for vehicles that are properly maintained and moderately dirty from normal day-to-day use. A premium polymer paint sealant is applied for visual enhancement and durable protection for up to 2-3 months. The same protection is also applied to the door jambs, glass, wheels, and exterior plastics.

We do a thorough exterior hand wash, dry with premium microfiber, and air blow to release trapped water. Wheels, tires, and fender wells are deeply cleaned. The fender wells, tires, and trimmings are conditioned. The mini detail package also comes with a thorough interior vacuum, dusting, wipe down of all panels, and dressing in a low gloss UV protectant. We want to make sure that every car is getting protected no matter what package you choose. We usually use a polymer paint sealant, but ask us about upgrading to Ceramic Pro Sport! This is one of our best selling ceramic coatings that far exceeds the benefits and protective abilities of any way or sealant on the market.

Ceramic Pro Sport comes with a 6-month warranty and goes on your Carfax report! Protect and preserve your investment. Bring your car into OCDetailing NC for Ceramic Pro and the best auto detailing Lumberton has to offer!

Included in Package

  • Exterior hand wash topped with a durable protective sealant
  • Cleaning of the wheel wells
  • Entire rim
  • Tire dressing
  • Door jambs
  • Cup holders and compartments
  • Interior air compression cleaning
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Wipe down of interior surfaces
  • Quick vacuuming and wipe down of trunk
  • Dress exterior molding and trim
  • Interior and exterior windows
car detailing lumberton
car detailing lumberton
The best way to protect your investment!